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Use the free Combat Go app to guide you and track all your training using our featured workouts or your own routines, including our unique AI boxing coach.

Seek inspiration and share your progress by connecting with friends and other members of our training community.

Download our iOS app or test out our shadow boxing features in the web app.

Combat Go - The ultimate workout timer and tracker.

Whatever your sport and training regimen, let Combat Go inspire and guide your workouts. Follow our featured routines or design your own. Effortlessly keep a log of all your workouts, complete with photos, video and detailed stats.

Rounds timer & combo coach

Rounds timer & combo coach

Use the app to generate a custom workout for shadow boxing and bag/pad work, or follow one of our predefined workouts.

  • Practice punches only, or add other moves to mix up your workout.
  • Set intensity, complexity and duration based on your skill level and training goals.
  • Preview your workout before getting started and get visual and audible prompts to guide your progress.
HIIT & Tabata timer

HIIT & Tabata timer

Use the fully configurable interval timer to guide and track your workout.

  • Pick a featured HIIT or Tabata workout based on the time and equipment you have available.
  • Define your own custom workout. Save it for future use and share it with your friends and our training community.
  • Full configurable work, rest and recovery periods.
  • Preview your workout before getting started and get visual and audible prompts to guide your progress.
Multi-activity stopwatch

Multi-activity stopwatch

Want to be in complete control of your workout? Use our unique multi-activity stopwatch to track and log your work.

  • Effortlessly switch between timers during your workout.
  • Training martial arts? Track techniques attempted and executed.
  • See detailed training stats post workout
Enjoy our best-in-class social features

Enjoy our best-in-class social features

  • Activity feeds allow you to track and engage with workouts by your friends and our featured athletes.
  • Encourage the community with comments and likes.
  • Share your activities and workout programs – in the app, or to social media.
Unrivaled training stats

Unrivaled training stats

  • Bring your training to the next level with our intelligent workout analysis and stats.
  • Browse your complete training history in the calendar.


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